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105kg 90kg

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Hi lee

It's not all about power..... Even at 90kg you could fly a mini plane... with the correct wing... Even @ 105kg you could fly a Bailey.. I know a 110kg V4 pilot and a 110kg V5 pilot.

Allot of it comes down to experience...

Are you current or just learning to fly Is this your first motor??

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One thing to think about Lee is when you have completed your training. Make sure you have your Equipment ready to use and not have a few months of no flying until you can afford to buy the kit this is and could be dangerous. Little things are easily forgotten and you will be rusty, you would need to go back and have a refresh with your instructor...

Best thing to do is to have your kit as your about to take your first flights then you can fly on it with supervision from your instructor. He could also make sure you don't buy a crock of s**t. There out there!!!!

Good luck with the training

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