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1000 ft/min climb above the clouds in 5 mins.

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not the most exciting 5 minutes you are ever gonna have in your life, but I

think it is pretty amazing that we can wander into a field with nothing more

than some stuff strapped to our back, and 5 minutes later be above the clouds.

1000 ft/min climb to 5000 feet in 5 minutes.

what a truly amazing sport.


p,s, please don't post embedded link* - I prefer people to come to my channel, browse, comment, etc,

as well as more easily see my videos in 1080p as they are intended.

*I know I can ban embedding, but I prefer the softly softly approach :-)

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Do both then people can choose rather than being told. :-)


That's great unless the original poster disables embedding on youtube and then it just becomes annoying to click on an embedded video which then does nothing.:evil:

You then either have to resort to doing as you are told.....or what I have chosen to and just not bothering to look at his video at all! My old netbook doesn't like 1080p

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stu your right, I just got a new couch, it's a real bitch to get above 2k on!

Man we had 2 weeks of nothing but 5-10kns up to 5k and now the south is rolling in at crazy wind speeds...... I'm dieing to go for a rip!

I can see me sitting by the ocean Sunday morning with the wind meter.... and if its anywhere around 10kns I'm going for a rip. Great sport & Nice Vid!

But if all else fails I'll pull out the 14m and go for a kite surf....

cheers guys!

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