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I saw someone flying at the weekend and now I want to try...

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Hi all, I'm new to all this Paramotoring business but it looks really fun and fairly simple / cheap to get involved with!

Is it as simple as buying a paramotor (Dudek Nemo looks ok), a helmet and a radio - then finding a field and taking off? :)

I live near Brighton, East Sussex and there are loads of people paragliding round this way. Quite keen on the fact it's got a motor though and maybe more control?


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Hi Tim and welcome.

It's not quite as simple as you seem to imagine.

You MUST get some training or you will hurt yourself and damage the kit if you just try to take off.

There are a lot of different makes of paramotor and paraglider wings, have a good look around this site and you will learn a lot.

By far the best approach is to get some professional training, you will see if it is a sport you can get to like, sorry get addicted to :D



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