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I saw someone flying at the weekend and now I want to try...

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Hi all, I'm new to all this Paramotoring business but it looks really fun and fairly simple / cheap to get involved with!

Is it as simple as buying a paramotor (Dudek Nemo looks ok), a helmet and a radio - they finding a field and taking off? :o)

I live near Brighton, East Sussex and there are loads of people paragliding round this way. Quite keen on the fact it's got a motor though and maybe more control?


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Yep. It's really that simple. Especially if you fancy meeting the grim reaper. Research and training. If that's not evident then getting yourself in the air will most likely help your relatives out until your insurers won't pay out on your life insurance for being a numpty.

Good luck :D


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Hi Tim

As Al said, you do need training. While there's nothing legally stopping you buying the kit and taking to the air, this is definitely not recommended.

Look on google for paramotor schools in your area and get some proper training. If you need any recommendations for schools in your area, i'm sure people on this forum would be pleased to help. I did my training at Skyschool in Spain and can highly recommend them ( www.skyschooluk.com ). There are some instructors near you but I can't speak from personal experience of any of them,

Once you're trained up, yes, you can take off from a field if you have the landowners permission. You'll also need an up to date airmap and make sure you're allowed to be flying in that area. An airmap looks pretty daunting to the untrained eye, but air law, etc should be covered in your training.

Best of luck


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There are two instructors in our area Steve haze who is a PMC instructor and Michel Carnet, BHPA.... I can give you there details if you pm me.... Both very good in my opinion...

There are a few paragliding schools in your area who will teach you paramotoring but will try to steer you in the direction of paragliding first.

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Timing shoud be considered when planning this- coming into spring time, a good time to learn so that you can be ready for the main flying season- good weather, long evenings, etc... You don't want to be learning too late in the year, and face the winter- when your flying will be limited.

Its important to keep flying when you've learned, keeps the experience up and stops you from getting rusty. Long periods without flying (sometimes unavoidable) can put low air time pilots back a few squares.

Definitely check out qualified instructors for advice.

I'd also recommend a DVD called 'Risk and Reward' by Litetouch films as a good introduction to paramotors.


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