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Paramania Fuison 26


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Thats the one Dan!! "where are you hiding"?????

The right price is the price someone offers me and i accept!!! :wink:

I was around 120kg's all up on this wing due to me being on my old V3.

I am not sure on the ecco figure i guess 2.5-3.0 But again on my V3 1.1m

I know Luke sold his for £750 but the two wings are worlds apart in condition. Mine being well looked after!!!

I never had a gps when i had this wing so i could not tell you the top speed i was getting on it but i was just as fast as luke on his nucleon 29 but i was in the middle of the weight range and he was near the top. I guess 55-60kmh

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The secret squirrel sales tactic is balls man...

Basic rule of sales dude, don't put a hurdle in the way of your customers.

I will give you £500


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No secret squirrel as you put it Simon.. I dont know what it is worth... And to honest a wing is only worth what some one is willing to pay for it..... Thats why it is on flee bay....

The man has made an offer I have excepted... Easy!!!!!

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