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Parajet Volution 1 Engine Mount.


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I have been getting some uncomfortable vibration at cruise so checked my engine mountings today but one of them sheared off immediately. No forcing or excessive pressure, it made about an easy 1/8th of a turn and came off. I was planning on enjoying this nice weather which has been forecast for the next few days so am in a bit of a panic. Parajet are closed and Airways Airsports are helpfully seeing if they have anything (awaiting a call back from them).

If anyone knows where I can get an engine mount I'd appreciate any help. I know the odds aren't high this late on a Saturday.



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Thanks for the suggestion Mr Bend, however, Airways Airsports have come up trumps and are taking an engine mount off a new Volution they have, I will drive up and fit it then have a fly from their airfield (I've never flown from there before).

They have gone out of their way to help me, really amazing (thanks to Rick), reminds me of Parajet customer support although I've not been an Airways *customer* before now so the support is in advance! Also reminds me of how helpful everyone is to each other in this sport.

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Glad you got it sorted :-)

Regards the vibration, I had a problem with my silencer vibrating against the cage on mine, I would undo the mount and push it back the other way (it's slotted) but after a while it would creep back and start vibrating on the cage again.

It was very uncomfortable in flight so worth checking it's not that, I've modded mine now (size 12 cage bend)

Tom :-)

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