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Slim / Stuart, was here for day 1 today :D:D:D And has learned how to Parawait :lol::lol::lol:

Anyway, we did the Met Theory and the Theory of Flight and I said that I would e-mail him some weather sites. So I thought I would post them here for all. Please feel free to add to it if you fing a good site.

www.weatherjack.co.uk 'MY CHOSEN SITE' FREE run by Jack Harrison :- I was a professional pilot for over 40 years retiring on 60th birthday in Dec 1998.

Total hours all types 18,000 +

For roughly half those 40 years, I flew in the Royal Air Force.

It was either large Transport aircraft or instructing. The final tour combined both - a C130 Hercules instructor.


I was then airline pilot with Air UK (later KLM UK) flying types such as the BAe146, and inevitably, was a Training Captain for much of the time.

My first gliding solo was in May 1955 and the third (distance) diamond was completed in 1982 in a Std Cirrus.

I called it a day at the end of 2005 but continue to be active in non-flying gliding matters

www.xcweather.co.uk free 'donations via paypal' a great site but I tend to find its forecasts a little scetchy at times.

www.bbc.co.uk/weather a great site for a general outlook for the day in your area. As accurate as it gets, (which is not very)

For Training and or ground work and non powered launches at Lambourn you need not more than 10mph south west to south east.

Cheers all

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Best synoptics:


Best interpretation of synoptics:

http://expert.weatheronline.co.uk/uv10_frame.htm (this one takes you to the 10m wind forecast but there are loads more including high level winds and rain [precipitation])

I use these for 90% of my forecasting and between the two they are very accurate. You need to study your weather theory to understand the synoptics but it is time well spent. Over time you will become far better at predicting your local weather than any TV/Radio/Newspaper forecaster.


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