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Launched in January. PPGpS is a flight computer for powered paragliding pilots. there is a free version and E1.99

whooo hooo for 1.99 cant go wrong!

Welcome to PPGpS, a Flight Computer for Powered Paraglider Pilots.

*NEW : Snail-trail to display your trace on map


-Real time flight information

-Wind direction estimation

-Takeoff and Landing phases auto-detection

-Return home information (display estimated travel time and bearing)

-Fuel calculation and warning

-Emergency geo-localized SMS

-Google Map localization with GPS

-Log flights in KML files for Google Earth

-Waypoint management

-Especially developed for Paramotor


PPGpS provides the altitude, bearing, magnetic compass, acceleration and ground speed.

With just one click on instruments you switch easily between different data modes : instantaneous, average and maximum values.


Create waypoints by tapping on the map or by entering their GPS coordinates.

Select a waypoint with one click on the waypoint instrument (WPT).

Rename or remove a waypoint from the contextual menu of the waypoint list.

Follow the displayed route (bearing, estimated travel time and distance).

Prepare your waypoints from Google Earth and import your KML files (PPGpS folder in the phone).

Waypoints may be automatically loaded at startup and saved at the end of the session.

In case your KML file doesn't import well, please send me the file and I will fix it quickly.


The average ground speeds are graphically displayed for every azimuth.

The wind direction is displayed (red arrow) and may be reset at any time during the flight.


Home direction and Estimated Travel Time to return home is always displayed (shaded red line).

Computations are done according to the wind for accurate results.

Paraglider and Ultralight plane Pilots may find it useful also !

Launch the Demonstration mode to have a quick tour.

Don't hesitate to send me your PPG flight kml logs by mail : stephane.nicole31@gmail.com

Enjoy your PPG flights with PPGpS and thank you for your feedback.


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Thought I would reincarnate this thread on PPGpS :lol:

After watching this little app in the Android market for a while and looking at the feedback it does seems very good. Certainly at £1.71 I think it is an absolute steal when you compare it some of the devices that you could pay £500 or more for. If you have an Android phone grab it while it is so cheap as I wouldnt be surprised if the price goes up!


I can plot routes on memory map using CAA charts and overlay them on this apps google base map ready for a flight and there is plenty of data and info provided on screen, without being too cluttered, including an automatic home feature and fuel burn rate so you cannot get lost or run out of fuel :D.

Granted you wont get advanced features like airspace infringment warnings..but couple this with a lower end Alti/Vario and I dont think you could really go far wrong if you are a novice and just starting out like me.

Now if I could only get my flying skills good enough for XC flight I might have something to actually use it for!

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