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combined Start-Stop Button


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looking at a Nivarna paramotor today I was shown a feature I thought was really neat where the kill button switch was somehow combined with the starter button.

How it works is: press the switch and the starter motor starts the engine. press again and it kills the motor. press again for it to start ..ect....

I like this because the starter switch is always a little hard to get at with my motor, it being under the handle and I like to shut down as much as possible when flying ridges and thermals and a nice easy switch would be a treat. Also in comps for engine off spot landings a nice easy to use engine start would make touch-n-goes much smoother

Will ask to see if there is a kit for other paramotors. Don,t know how the electronics works, I presume there is a relay in there that knows when the engine is running and cuts the starter circuit and engages the cutout circuit.

Anyone else know more about this as well as pros and cons?


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