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sat flying


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Knees still an issue for me Jock at the moment. If I do recover enough, it'll be for one attempt at a launch only, so I'll probably stay local if I'm going out, just to be on the safe side (doubt I'll get over the gate at Powick...). Might come down for a chat, if anyone's going, if I can't fly.

Richard /////lol,,,,.....///????...!!!!!.....lol

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strange day at powick sat.low cloud and lots of strong thermic gusts,we waited a while and then wacthed sean going for his first ppg hop,well that was what was ment to happen.we got a benny hill face plant ppg on full chat and one new prop needed,then saw a microlight flying low over feild he got wacked in the thermic gusts,that put us off,carl had a quick flight later on and said it was rough so we just kited the wings instead, Me and sean had a tandum pg flight of the malverns 2day to cheer him up after mourning his first broken prop.if anyone has a 120cm prop for a rad arrow let us know,,this tues looking ok at mo for powick.carl upload the face plant vid cheers......

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Here it is ..

Hope Sean enjoyed today better than yesterday.

Fingers crossed i'l see you Tuesday


Sean wife was laughing her head off seeing it,Tues if no one wants a lift to the long mynd free flying i shall go powick.will know which place im heading 2morro nite.

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