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parajet rotron blingmotor


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Why pink?

Cos we all know what girls like!!

It's the fanny magnet of the Paramotor world! Lol

Pity you don't get many girls in the sport!

I know, the block needs polishing but I was advised against it by Parajet whilst it's still in warranty... After that it's going straight off!

Yes meds,,, it will be at the fly in... Look forward to it!!

Just wait till my carbon tank arrives... Awesome!

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Looks nice for a little while but it leaves the pores and dimples in the metal so is a bitch to keep clean.

Polishing is a pain in the arse to do ( unless you send it to someone else of course ) but easy to keep clean once done.

Every bike I ever built had everything that could be polished polished by hand, wheels, frame, swingarm, nuts, bolts, foot pegs, nitrous bottle, and so on........ even the seat key hole and all washers were polished! lol.

What I learned from this was, send it away to someone else! People who polish all the time, get very very good at it and can make it happen in much less time. I still have a few contacts in the Streetfighters world who I can put you in touch with if you want a show bike finish. :-)


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It actually is of little matter how you remove the powder. :-)

As long as you don't leave yourself deep scratches to polish out.

I would go for a disc sander with a fine grit. followed my a machine polish and some lime. :-)

If you use the proper polishing soaps and mops for each soap, you will end up with a mirror finish that never needs polishing again. :-) :-)


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