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I think that we will soon be made to register our wings.

I would be more than happy with doing this so that I don't get blamed for this type of crap.

An opt in wing registration will protect the people who do opt in, but not help to 'capture' the people who dont.


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An old news report with totally OTT sensationalist reporting - I had visions of Apocalypse Now (with ducks) when I first read it - but hardly something to provoke another clamour for wing registration ..... Why should a majority of other pilots have to suffer undue costs and hassle whilst this muppet carries on regardless ? If he has broken any laws (criminal, civil or air) then let the authorities deal with him.

None of us locals know who this 'pilot' is, but the only thing these incidents call for is a more standardised, mandatory training with authorised, accountable instructors. Pilots who have undertaken recognised training (BHPA, BMAA, PMC etc) tend to gain a wider understanding of 'pilotage' and fly more responsibly. They have an instructor watching them through the early stages and then tend to fly with others in a club or social environment. They are known, so any errant behaviour can be addressed.

These lone maverick's are a different problem - probably untrained, little knowledge of air law and no insurance. Nobody knows them (there is another in our area), they are hard to identify and difficult to police - and its not really our job to do so. Gravity usually has ways of dealing with stupid pilots .....

On a lighter note he probably did the twitchers a favour after they spent all day trying to photograph them in the reeds or sitting motionless on the water. Having them all in the air at once would be much more fun .... :lol:

Oh, and not far away is the Ribble estuary - one of the UK's most important conservation habitats for migratory wildfowl and waders. The birds are not bothered by aircraft at nearby BAE Warton and large numbers have to be killed or culled (which is a much more pleasant way of killing them) :roll: to reduce incidents of birdstrike. Certainly puts things in persective ! :wink:

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