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GoPro Line mount

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Hi Carl.

I mounted a go pro on my Fusion a while back.



Go to about 2:48.

Whilst it flew OK, I could really feel the weight when pulling up the wing for the reverse!

In my humble opinion, it felt like too much on the A's. Front tuck?

So if you must, keep it in the middle of the wing, between the B's and C's.

Anyone have any more input here?


Mike :mrgreen:

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I must stress this Line Mount is not designed for the use in Paragliding OR Paramotoring to my knowledge.

If you do use this line mount and you do get a collapse then you are very likely to not recover or have a cravat or a nasty twist ETC. There has also been talk about the safety risk's of wearing a helmet cam If you get a collapse then there is the risk of line getting caught on it and hindering the recovery.

I used this mount on a calm overcast day.. I did use it on the A's in the centre of the wing. I did not think the weight of the camera hindered the launch in any way, But the Speedster comes up very easily anyway and i had a light 3-4 mph wind to help me.

The only thing i would say about putting it anywhere else like the B's or C's would be the risk of catching a line on take off.

I don't see the problem with putting it on the side's as long as your careful about how you set it up.

I know pascal Campbell Jones has used a line mount for one of his video's


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