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Warwickshire Newbie

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Hello all,

I'm a wanna-be from Rugby in Warwickshire. I'm currently learning to fly flexwing microlights with Flylight at Sywell Aerodrome in Northampton, but I have a good friend who been paramotoring for a few years. I've always thought he was a bit crazy doing it but the more I learn about flying whilst doing my NPPL, the more I realise that whilst paramotors are the cheapest way to fly, they are also the safest.

So I intend to fly both.

I have a couple of million questions to ask, but the only one really relevant at the moment is about training. Can anyone advise me on a good instructor local to Rugby? I don't fancy doing a block course, but doing the odd day here and there when the weather suits which is why locality is important. Also, being closeby will help keep cost down as any spare cash is being burned by NPPL training at the same time.

Any help on local instructors will be great fully received, PM me if you'd prefer to keep your advice confidential.

Cheers all,


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I have two sites I can use ( dependant on wind direction ). One is public & one is private land. I haven't flown either yet, but I will be from next week.

I'm next to Whittington golf course.

Hi Phil.

I'm close to Cannock.

Would be great to catch up ...

Do you fly on your own ? Or a group ?

Would love to fly local.

Let me know.



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I had my first paramotor lesson today, and for this we did an hour or so of ground handling with (so I'm told) an old 80's wing. I was doing reverse launches and managed to get the wing in the air without too much trouble, but I was apparently over braking while trying to stay under the centre of it. This was starting to get a little frustrating after a while, but when I was forced to turn forwards by the wing, I just ran for it! One of the guys (I forget your name, but cheers anyway) then ran behind me, pushing me, shouting "Run!" and this gave me my first airborne moment as my feet left the floor by about 2 inches!!!! I was flying solo!!!!! For two seconds, but who cares!!!

Result! Off to the the pub to celebrate. But muscles I didn't know I had are aching already.

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I used a borrowed wing from a friend who's self taught and been flying for years. It's very old and not particularly crisp anymore, but it's flyable.

I'm just spending as much time as possible ground handling with it.

Hi Chris,

That is cool! It is a shame there is not any tutors around Warwickshire (that I can find!).

I will keep searching and will be flying soon. Have fun and let me know how you get on.



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