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Fancy gliding

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Hello again .

Well i hope the snow is not affecting you guys to much. we have very little here at odiham but the snow and ice team are treating it like a frozen apocolypse .

Anyway when the weather gets a little better is there anyone that would like to come gliding .

it would be run over a whole day with a BBQ and beer in the evening with the club house to sleep in if you decide to have a few.

A maximum of 8 people is all we can do as we are a small outfit with only 2 training aircraft .

I just thought it would be somthing a little different for some of you guys .

I will sort out the prices with the money man See if i can get it on mates rates and make it a cheap fun day .

cheers jim

Simon please dont think im trying to plug my club . Just thought it would be something different if the weather is just that little bit to windy :fail:

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Hey Speed mouse

Sounds like a good idea.. I did my training up at lasham then went of the new zealand to get into a single seater... Loved every minute.. I wouldn't mind getting back into a glider again... Not sure about one of those old woodden K2's again tho

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Ok Gents .

A slight change of plan . Its been decided by the powers that be to run a group flying session on a saturday evening . get to odiham at about 4pm and fly until everyone has flown .

We have 8 spaces available and its £45 for a 2000ft aerotow. Winch launches are extra if you fancy a go at that as well .

A motor glider might be available Subject to Pilot availability for those not hardy enough to handle having no engine .

April 21

May 19

June 9

June 23

June 30

the dates above are whats available as it stands as copied from my Club forum .

talk between you and see if you can arange to come down on the same evening .

thanks jim

P.s 100kgs and 6'2 tall max please

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