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RAF Odiham Question


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I remember i guy posting on here with contact details for Odiham ATC... I plan to fly through the MATZ as this is the most direct route and would mean i can stay as far away from Farnborough as possible.

I have tried to find the thread but have had no luck in doing so...

Any ideas

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Hi Morgy,

Info maybe of help:

A MATZ Penetration Service will be available during the published hours of watch of the respective ATS Units. However, as many units are often open for flying outside normal operating hours, pilots should call for the penetration service irrespective of the hours of watch published. If, outside normal operating hours, no reply is received after two consecutive calls, pilots are advised to proceed with caution. Information on the operation of aerodromes outside their normal operating hours may be obtained by telephone from the appropriate Military Air Traffic Control Centre:

(a) North of 5400N - Telephone: Scottish ATCC (Mil) 01292 - 692281 .

(b) South of 5400N - Telephone: London ATCC (Mil) 01489 - 612406 .


call Odiham Approach on 131.3, except weekends and PH, when the task may be carried out by Farnborough on Frequency 125.250 MHz.

....... you should call Farnborough when Farnborough is open and Odiham when they're not.

Info taken from The PPRune forum, so don't quote me :|



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Hi Morgy ..

If you ring 01256 702134 and wait for the operator . Then Ask for Odiham Air taffic control they should put you through .. If not Ask for the duty operations controller . they will also be able to help .

At the weekend call up on 122.100 and call Odiham radio .the air cadet gliding school will answer normally as Odiham radio . please be aware tho that they are only a RADIO service and can only advise. they are not Controllers so cannot give instructions.

If no reply from them call Kestrel base this is the RAF Gliding club they are also only a A/G Service But they are a helpfull bunch . Maybe im a little biased seeing as im a member there , hope to see you around .

Also be aware when farnbourough is operating on 06 they sometimes vector their ILS traffic in from about 2miles south of odiham onto the ILS path . Look at the chart and you will see what i mean .

A MATZ is unregulated Class G airspace therefore 'clearance' is not required.

A MATZ will, however, contain a separate, embedded, regulated, Government aerodrome ATZ which requires compliance with Rule 45. But i think its always better to give a call.


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Thanks for all the replys

Speedmouse thanks for the offer if a lift in case of break down I wil PM... I know the MATZ is un controlled but i wanted to inform them of my intentions as i didn't want to be buzzed by a chinook like steve was a while ago. I was going to ask if there was any chance i could fly right over the top of the air field as this is a quicker route... But no chance there i guess

I will not be on air band only 2m for communication with ground crew.

I was aware of Farnborough traffic and was intending to fly lower than 1000ft, To be honest as low as i can get away with in that area!!! I know there have been a few fairly close call's around the Guildford area in the past with fast private jet's.

Thanks again


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Also make sure the Notam for the Farnborough CTR airspace isn't active as per AIC Y099/2011.

Notam normally looks like this:

1) B0153/12: Farnborough: Class B, C, D, or E Surface Area activated

Q) EGTT/QACCA/IV/NBO/AE/000/035/5117N00047W005




12-01-0219/AS 4

FROM: 31 Jan 2012 09:35 GMT

TO: 31 Jan 2012 10:20 GMT

When that's on, the whole area around Guildford and Farnborough is a no-go.

Farnborough fast-jets typically fly at about 1750FT AGL (but they do go lower).

If you need a friendly place to stop, Barry's is a good place.

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Hi Speed mouse

I have as yet not contacted them. I will get in contact when i am thinking about doing my trip. Still in the planning stage at the moment, I have two routes i think will work.

I will give them a call to ask some questions and a call before i plan to do my trip and warn them of my flight plan.

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