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Military Low Flying.


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My usual spot for launching is right under the RAF's favourite low flying training route over the Brecon Beacons. If you like aircraft you get some spectacular views when they are doing their stuff (I especially love Chinooks coming over low on a turn).

It changes from awe to concern when launching mid-week though, but more than once I have noticed that bang on time of the notification given to RAF Wittering the RAF traffic has given me a wide berth. I could hear gunshot and explosions a couple of months ago when Sennybridge was having a mock battle and the helicopters and fast jets all noticeably avoided my grid reference. Having spoken with other pilots when flying elsewhere it seems that not many make the call to the Low Flying Booking Cell, even though their area is potentially used for low flying training.

I found this pdf which has some useful info in it and a couple of really good pics:

http://www.mod.uk/nr/rdonlyres/8fbe2382 ... ng2011.pdf

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Recalling this post from a year and a half ago, I wondered how seriously to take it. I have seen avoidance to my location on a few occasions since that post. It could be merely coincidence but the traffic is heavy around here and I am paranoid enough to watch it closely. I noticed last week that my grid references became active again twenty minutes before my stated end time.

Does anyone else have any inside info about how seriously this is taken but the RAF pilots? I have asked RAF Wittering and they say it is taken seriously - I would wonder why they have such a detailed system in place if it ended up as a 'quick look' if they even bothered to check at all (referring to bernoulli's post).

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Remember the CANP system is only for low level fast traffic and does not cover slow movers such as helicopters that are below 140kts IIRC.

The booking system can be shaky. I once got snotty snotty call from a corporal informing me that my booking didn't give the required 4hrs notice and wouldn't be actioned. In fact it had been sat unnoticed on their fax machine for 24hrs!

The email address for CANP has changed at least 3 times in as many years.

If you don't get a call back with a booking number then you're not in the system.

The system defenitely works once the booking is in and I would certainly use it when flying in any of the low level routes.


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I'm happy with the system itself and they've been brilliant, never failed to get a yankie number by call back (although the email system is clearly a waste of time). I was more interested in a view from the pilot's end of things.

Did a 150' high crossing of the A40 flight corridor this morning - look left, look right, look left, look right, ... it's the one time a paramotor needs a go-fast button.

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