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Big Fat Repack 2012


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Hey Guys,

Thames Valley Hang Gliding Club are running the annual Big Fat Repack

I'm reposting this here, because although motors are not permitted, you may take your harness/reserve to test-throw your reserve on a Zip-Line and then be taught how to repack it, or have it repacked by a professional.

I've already booked my place as I think it's good to test-throw a reserve (if I'm healed enough by then) but also to learn how they are packed. Knowledge is power.


The Big Fat Repack is a unique Paragliding/Hang gliding Safety Event.

The Zip slide allows you to deploy your reserve in a realistic yet safe environment.

The Dealing with accidents talk and first aid demonstration will empower you to deal with incidents. The repacking talk and qualified packers will enable you to repack your reserve with confidence.

Last year's Big Fat Repack was another success, this years will be held on 01 April 2012 at the Rivermead Leisure Complex, Reading.

There will be BHPA qualified packers on hand offering further help for anyone still not confident in their own packing ability so everyone should leave with their 'chute repacked.

Bob Nugent (or one of his team) will be running his hands on first aid demonstrations showing you how to deal with broken bones, spinal and head injuries.

How much does it cost? Only £26.50 which is less than the cost of a professional repack. TVHGC members can book at a discounted rate £25.00.

Numbers are strictly limited to 140. Queries should be emailed to bfr@tvhgc.co.uk.


All the best

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