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Calling all Pilots near basingstoke .

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Guys .

There maybe a new flying site opening up soon .

I was jsut wondering how many of you would be interested flying from a small farm strip near Oakley (approx 2 miles west of basingstoke) .

I have to have a couple of phone calls with people tomorow but first signs are good . it would make a nice land away site for the membury guys ..

maybe it could be turned into a little club as well

please p.m me if interested

jim :tripup:

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ive got to give the agent for the estate lots of info about what we do as they have never heard of paramotoring .

I am unsure of how to sell the idea . Either as just one or two people flying occasionally OR as a base for basingstoke paramotor pilots as a little club type outfit .

any thoughts from you would be helpfull .

thanks jim

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Jim, This may help..

PMC Landowner waiver and liability release

In exchange for use of your property I (we) the undersigned PPG pilot(s) hereby release and discharge the undersigned landowner from any and all liability, claims, demands or causes of action that I (we) or our heirs may hereafter have for injuries, damages or death arising out of our participation in PPG activities, including but not limited to losses caused by the negligence of the released landowner.

I (we) understand and acknowledge that PPG activities have inherent dangers that no amount of care, caution, instruction, or expertise can eliminate and I (we) expressly voluntarily assume all risk while participating in these activities whether or not caused by the negligence of the released parties. Further we agree to pay for any damages resulting from our activities. We understand this agreement will be in effect until revoked by you, the landowner.

In order for club users to have your permission to fly, they will ned to have signed this document. If this document is not signed by the pilot He / She is using the land without your permission.


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