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Thinking of trying paramotoring

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Afternoon to you all.

I started a paragliding course in 2010 but work commitments meant I never finished the course. I’ve been thinking of starting again but paragliding’s high dependency on exact wind conditions is putting me off. Plus repeatedly hauling myself up the side of a steep hill was killing me :o).

So I’ve been looking at paromotoring, or PPG as it’s commonly called and it’s doesn’t seem so dependent on wind conditions as PG. I was going to sign back up with my old instructor but unfortunately he doesn’t provide training kit and I really don’t have a spare £5k+ right now ;).

Although I’m based in SE Wales and Membury services is 70 miles away, it is mostly motorway so should take a little over 1hour drive time.

Anyway, I’ll be giving Simon a ring over the weekend so maybe I’ll see some of you at Membury at some point.

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