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Newly moved to Windsor - Hello!


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Hello there,

I've returned back to the UK after a few years abroad. I'm not actually a PPG, only PG, but I've recently moved to Windsor and I'm looking to find out about places for groundhandling. I heard that Windsor Great Park is a good place, but I saw some people had had bad experiences there. What's the situation there?

It'd be great to head down there and also to make some contacts - PPG or PG alike and get to know some like minded people. What about local PG or PPG clubs?



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Hi Martin,

I used to ground handle in Windsor Great Park, in the dedicated kite flying area, but was asked to pack up and leave by the park rangers. There wasn't another living soul anywhere near me but they just didn't like it for some reason. I've since contacted the main office to ask for clarification, just in case they were being over zealous on that particular day, but I just got a flat NO.

Someone did suggest Upton Park in Slough as a likely site for a bit of practice but I never got around to checking it out.

It might be worth your while having a chat with Simon with a view to visiting Membury. I'm not sure what the rules are on visiting at the moment but it would be a quick blast up the M4 for you if he gave you the thumbs up.

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Hi Togsie,

Thanks for the info. It's a shame when you're clearly not harming anyone and just getting on with your own business that they'd come and disrupt - that's one of the reasons that I moved away from the UK in the first place, but that's another story!

Thanks for the headsup.

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Togsie was unlucky - myself and Datchet Steve have been there a few times and also had run ins with the park police but managed to talk our way into being allowed to continue, we convinced them they were big kites and we were NOT flying.

There are a couple of very large playing fields with parking that are ok either side of Warfield Roundabout - that's only 15 mins from Windsor park, no-one will trouble you there AND it's just outside Heathrow airspace if you want to fly :).

This was in Windsor Park....nice pic but the place is full of dog shit :(


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Hey thanks for that. I'm away for a few weeks again now, but will try both places when I'm back!

I'm also in the process of getting a new phone number - I'll post it here once I've got it, I'd like to meet up one time when you're going ground handling if you don't mind. It's usually preferable to share isn't it?

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