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Keep your eyes peeled please


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I wonder if you and your club members could keep your eyes open for our Woody Valley Bix harness & a green Ozone Element paraglider which were stolen from us at the end of May last year,?

This brand new harness which we had just bought for tandem flying in our school, had a brand new Apco “Bi” reserve in it.

The Ozone Element was one of our school wings and was almost new.

The harness is unique in this country – we are the sole importer for Wills Wing and it is the only one in the UK (tho there will be another in the Sussex area shortly). It is grey on the back, the rest is black.

Distinguishing features: the seat plate is REALLY wide

It has “BIX” written on the side.

The Ozone Element that was stolen is - SIZE Medium- COLOUR stripes from front: dark green, white, light green; SERIAL NO K25A-001

Very few pilots fly the Element as their first glider – once finished in the school, they usually buy a higher performance glider.

These items have undoubtedly been moved on by the thieves. I found one of the other paragliders they stole on Ebay - the thieves are prolific burglars operating in the Wigan area.

We were not insured for these losses and have not been able to replace this kit.

If anyone sees these items being flown, please could they let me know.

Many thanks


Judy Leden

Senior Instructor

Airways Airsports


Darley Moor Airfield

Ashbourne, Derbyshire


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