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What have I gone and done......?

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Just watched the round britain Microlight rally on catchup t.v.

Wifeys sitting on sofa with a bottle of Red, and feck me, she wants to try microlighting now!!

But it must be pink and sponsered by the company!!

Is nowhere sacred anymore........can't even fly without her being there.

Anyone on here fly those 'devils chariots' that could take her up and put the fear of god into her - then I would be forever in your debt! :wink::wink:

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Saw the program too - very entertaining!

Used to fly microlights myself, but no longer do. Mainly, as Steve says, coz it's more expensive.

It's also more hassle as you have to store the thing somewhere and you need a much bigger take off and landing area than you do with a paramotor. Hangarage seems to vary from about £50-£200+ per month (think of all the shoes she could buy for that :-)), compared to the 'hangarage' needed for a paramotor, i.e. bung it in the shed or garage.

I also like the idea of having a reserve, so in the event of something going seriously wrong, you do get a second chance. Not a luxury you have with a microlight.



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Invite her along the next time you fly. if it scares her as much as it scared me it'll be job done!

Sorry, couldn't resist. He he

Good program though - downloading it myself now (watched it t'other day too but thought it was worth keeping).

How you doing these days. Not seen you for ages.

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Tell her the truth..."Its more expensive and takes longer to learn. "

That ought to do it! ;)

Hold on, remember what happened when I told her about your 'incident'!!

As for the paramotoring - she uttered something along the lines "your fooking stupid going up there with just that over your head".

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