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Battery replacement?


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I need to replace the battery on my macro, it's currently got a Varta YT4L-BS battery.

Is that the best thing to replace it with? I don't fancy lipo as I've had bad experiences with them in the past! But not sure if any other options are available.

Needs to be chargeable with the inflight charging and an optimate, also needs to be able to run a strobe and heated gloves/boots.

Any ideas? Also what's the acid pack bit all about on the Varta battery??

Tom :D

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Hi Tom.

I am a varta dealer and the acid packs are normal. The batteries are stored and shipped dry, with the acid being added only when you want to use the battery. Once activated the battery has a limited shelf life, and many carriers will not handle wet batteries so it makes sense to store them this way.

Lighter batteries have been discussed before -


I set up an account to import Shorai Lithium iron batteries but although they represent a great weight saving, at £100+ compared to about £20 for lead acid they are almost prohibitively expensive.


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