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Hello from me from lincolnshire

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Hi All,

i joined the forum a few days ago and have been visiting most days. I have found the site very informative and interesting. It has been an interest of mine for some time, the whole flying thing, and have decided to take the plunge as it were to have a go at paramotoring.

Any advice or info on what, where, how and with who you can offer would be much appreciated

Thanks Kevin.

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Hi Kevin and welcome to the group.

I am also just starting out. I've had 2 days training so far - see 'Pete's Progess' in training blogs.

I'm travelling some way to train at a school which was personally recommended by my brother.

In the absence of a compelling reason to pick a distant school, use one within easy range. If you can be available at short notice, you can take advantage of suitable weather and avoid long gaps in your training.

Happy flying,


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Thanks for the welcome, i am based in Bourne Lincs. I have found on the Net a trianing site at alcolnbury cambs and 1 out nottingham way,flying fish i think it was. Both a fair drive so will be looking closer.

A question, i have a small holding with an unused field running along side a woods, field is 100m by 60m approx with the woods running down the 100m side. Would that be suitable for takeoff and landings? I read about turbulance from obstacles like trees and was wondering if this would be ok.

Be nice to walk out my back door and go for a fly......

Thanks Kevin.

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