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what do you think


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I would love to see the stats on this.

1. size of each glider

2. take off weight of each glider

3. trim position of each glider

4. speed bar position of each gliger


As these could all make a big diference to the outcome, I think it is really misleading without this information.

I have no idea which is fastest in the real world but you NEED all the facts for it to be objective. :)

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I flew my nivuk hook 1-2 glider with 2 reflex wings the other day off-on bar they left me for dust. cant see an Antea being faster,yes it would recover better,but off the reflexs ive seen, fusion for one.never seen the pilots have any tucks etc,even in very bumpy or thermic weather, suppose i could take of haft hr earlier than the reflex wings,but they probly over take me anyway lol

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None of us should fall into the 'Dull' propaganda machine and neither also speak of which wing is faster than another. It's all been over done several times on this forum (and other forums) before. We all know the factors affecting speed and we're not going to succumb to "this is faster and and that's faster" again (hopefully).

Just look up the (very limited) official test results and be content with their assessments.


http://www.para2000.org/wings/paramania ... peeds.html (Vol Libre tests with paramotor - look at the sink rate!)

"Within any recent unmodified EN class (A/B/C/D) and at the same weight/wing area, you won't see more than 5kph difference in all speed levels (stall/trim/speed bar) of any wing"


PS - Jock, buy an 8 sqm speed wing and you'll be faster than anyone!

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PS - Jock, buy an 8 sqm speed wing and you'll be faster than anyone! Yes and i would make a bigger crater on landing lol....weather gone crap again..just spoke to haresdfeild tony,he has the big feild back at haresfeild,we shall have a get together there soon,

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Thanks for the Photo Jock.

Didn't know your wifes name is Andrew?

Haresfield, is that near us? Would like to join you please, if OK.


Mike :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Andrew is my name she just sent a photo to the paper and gave my name. Haresfeild is just past juc 12 m5 not far for us or you.will post when its on.

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