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Round 2 skywalk mojito versus dudek nemo motor 2


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Hi all

Dam im just finding out that its easier taking the wife shopping for a pair of shoes than selecting the right kit for this sport.

If i may trouble you good people again. Please you would you let me know your thoughts on the dudek Nemo motor 2 wing versus skywalk mojito.

Interestingly two instructor from two diffierient schools have basically said i will kill myself trying to learn on a reflex wing as a starter which has led me to these two wings again.

Greatly appreicate any pointers that you could give me.

Many thanks in advance.

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Did the instructor say Yeehaar a lot and try to sell you a K2?

I did my first paramotor flights on the reflex wing which I still fly, after a few introductory flights on a regular paragliding wing (no motor) and then straight onto the reflex (on slow trim to start with).

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Hi Vinnie.

My answer is pretty much the same as all of the answers to your previous similar question. I can only advise you as to how I got into the air and my personal views on the subject.

I learned to ground handle with a marlin training wing and a paramania revolution (reflex wing), but my very first flight was on my instructors nemo moto. My next, and subsequent flights were all on the revolution and I didn't have any problems with dieing! I did initially find the revo harder to forward launch, but overcame this with time and practice.

Maybe the schools are overly safety conscious, don't want to take the extra time that might (but not necessarily) be required to get you up to speed on a reflex wing, or, just maybe :roll: , they may want to sell you a nemo now and a reflex a few months down the track when (not if!) you get bored with the slowness and with not being able to keep up with other pilots!

Of course, playing devils advocate the schools may have taken the time to assess you, your abilities and your requirements and may have accurately assessed that a nemo might be the best/safest way forward for you! Everyone is different.

Ultimately the best way forward is to pick an instructor who you trust (literally with your life!) and go with their recommendations.

Either way I genuinely wish you good luck and safe flying.

Best regards,



Just another quick thought. What wings do these instructors fly? If they themselves are not using reflex wings then they may be behind the times and scared of the unknown. I did a paragliding course (EP) prior to paramotoring and my paragliding instructor was of the same opinion of the "death trap" reflex wings, despite having zero personal experience of them!

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skywalk mojito.......I love this wing But its a hybrid wing .......ok at everything but you will be better on a reflex and safer.....I was a big believer in the scotch and the mojito.....and then my life changed when i got my first reflex wing Ive now sold my other wings ,,,,,,,,,,,Reflex is the future .....the future is NOW :D:D:D

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Hi Vinnie

Your not from the other side of the pond are you?????

Also might help if you say where your from etc....

Reflex is safer more comfortable and you can fly hands off for allot of your flight..... Have you tried to hold your arms out to the side and up at 90 above your head for a long period of time.... If not try it i guess you wont last more than 20 mins, Plus this way your hand will get very cold.....

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Hi Morgy

Once again many thanks for your thoughtful replies.

Met up with the instructor for the taster course but dam it was to windy to even get the wings out but ive let him know how much i would prefer the Dudek Synthesis and he has said whenever we do get the chance to train he will bear that in mind.

I have chosen to train under him and therefore i will trust his judgement. But again may thanks for your comments as by them i have come to the conclusion of the above preference of the wing i would like.


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