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Airways Airsports New Products Weekend!!

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Remember the days of walking around a big exhibition hall, looking at all the well presented stands in awe with only one thought going through your mind “Let me try it!” On the 24th – 25th of March the Airways new products weekend is offering you the opportunity to do just that. The event is being held at Airways Airports home turf of Darley Moor airfield. Most importantly this gives pilots the opportunity to try the kit out! Once you have booked your demo through www.airways-airsports.com you can make the most of our onsite winch to try out that newly released paraglider you have had your eye on all winter. Or maybe you can’t wait to try out the newest of hangliders, well there’s no better opportunity than an aero tow up to 3000 ft to get a feel for the glider. Maybe you fancy the short journey to the hills to test fly your favorite toy on some of the best flying sites the UK has to offer.

For the petrol heads out there, take off is only a couple of steps away from the camping area and a short glide away from the beautiful Derbyshire peak district which offers the perfect scenery as a backdrop while test flying the newest petrol powered equipment.

With paraglider wings from Ozone, Nova, Gin, Niviuk, Skywalk, Advance, Firebird, UP, Dudek and hang glider wings from Icaro, Avian, Atos, Wills Wing, Moyes, Aeros, Airborne, Speed Wings. Other products and new goodies from major brands including Woody Valley, Sup Air, Rotor, Crispi, Fly Products, Bailey, Aeriane swift, Easy Riser, Dragonfly, Lazer and the latest instrumentation (Aircotec, Brauniger, Fly Master, Flytec etc) don’t hesitate to book your test flight! :)

Ric Womersley

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