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Since becoming a full member....


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.....I no longer receive email notifications when a subscribed post is updated.

Cannot modify a signature

Used to click on shortcut on desktop and it would open up already logged in. Now I have to login each time.

Didn't get my DVD

Petrol's gone up again, the cat licked it's arse, then my face...

Taking a piss seems to take longer these days

I seem to be getting older, quicker...

All since becoming a Full member. Should have stuck with the freebie....

Does this qualify me for the whinging bastard award for the 1st quarter 2012 8)

Dan :wink:

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I am sorry about this... I will spend a decent day with the web guys next week and get it sorted once and for all :(

We regards to the DVD...

The only people who don't yet have them, are the people who left out their address when joining. Please PM me the address that you would like it sent to if your still waiting and I will bung it in the post ASAP :-)


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