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Dead LiPo

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If a lipo battery is allowed to discharge below a certain voltage it is extremely hard to get them back to life ,I use lipos with my rc planes and the speed controller does have a voltage regulator which cuts the power when the voltage drops to a certain level ,for example an 11.1v lipo may have 3 cells and you must not let the voltage drop below 3v per cell otherwise when you connect it up to your lcd balance charger it will give you a low voltage warning and wont charge it :cry: ,you can sometimes however connect it to a standard battery charger and slowly coax it back to voltage with a low amp charge but this is not really recommended practice because lipos can be a little volatile ..also Like most batteries, the temperature of a Li-Po has an impact on its performance. Consider that batteries rely on a chemical reaction in order to produce a current – therefore a low temperature reduces the speed of this reaction and a reduction in overall pack performance may be observed on a cold day. Allowing a Li-Po pack to freeze is certainly not recommended, as this would almost certainly damage the pack....hope this helps

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