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Launching a Revo 2 on neutral trim.


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Not sure whether this is a common practise but I have been taking off and landing my Revo 2 on just under neutral trim for the past couple of flights. The first time was in zero wind on the flat, it took a hard long run but take off was more than manageable. Landings are a bit faster but not a problem. Yesterday's launch was on a short 20 degree slope into 3-4mph wind and I was off the ground within 10 feet.

Apologies if this is common knowledge, I haven't read anything about it myself.

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Without a doubt, the wing comes up quicker on neutral trim, and although you may have to run a bit harder, ultimately, as the wing comes up quicker, you actually get off the ground in a similar distance to launching with trims pulled in.


Faster yes, but now I've had a chance to get used to it and not be freaked out, as I have previously reported, I actually prefer the extra responsiveness of the brakes that extra speed gives. If I get it right, it's really satisfying. However, if I get it wrong.....fast and hard :oops:

I was fortunate enough to get the Ozone 'Tips and Tricks' DVD for Christmas. In it Mathieu Rouanet recommends that on all of the Ozone wings to launch and land with trimmers between neutral and fully out.

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you should set your trimmers for take off according to the wind strength, as a general rule I set mine to neutral in most cases, zero wind I set them 1 incremnet into the slow part of trim, when the wind is around five MPH or more I let a little out, anything over seven MPH I put the trimmers to around 2 increments into reflex, that way the wing sits above you more and dont hang back.

I never land on anything less than neutral, again if its more blowey I will land with a bit more reflex on.

I much prefer to have a bit of energy in the wing for the flare.

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I tend to have the trims set to neutral on the Fusion. I tried launching with the trimmers on takeoff setting in nil wind the other day and found that the wing was hanging behind me and took ages to come up. I am not offering this as advice, it is just a habit I got into and it seems to work for me. My personal view is that it is better to get the wing up quickly and accept that you will have to run faster to get airborne, than to struggle to get the wing overhead (and potentially have to abort). Maybe it is just because my technique is dodgy!

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I own a 26 Revo2, i'm 84Kg. I use mostly neutral trim position for take off, even in nill wind, as the wing climbs easier overhead (using the producer recommended trimm take off position i found to be more difficult for the wing to come up in nill wind launch).

Ofcourse, there is a tradeoff, without wind i need to run a little longer, especially in summer late afternoons, but with the help from my trustworthy Top80 i always go up in the air. :D

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