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My dodgy powick first flight vid


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Hi Jock . Fab.

What is your Malvern Paragliding site. Do you have a link.


Mike. :mrgreen:

Send me your email address to jock1geo@hotmail.com and i will send both links my own facebook page, and my malvern hang gliding paragliding group.as to the lawnmower gang some pgs who flew down from the malverns said some hill walkers were moaning about ppgs yesterday,turns out out it wasnt mike who flew over the hills it was us at powick,we spent to much time flying local well i did,we will have to be carefull.so we should take off fly away and not buzz around local. even if we are over the 500ft rule the motors still make a fair noise to people in their gardens,,come back and cut motors around 1000 to keep local villagers happy.funny how all the paraglider pilots in the feild looked at me lol.

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The elderly couple were from callow.none of us flew over callow low.The pgs on the hill said it was just genral banter as the elderly couple said i wish them ones flying over callow were as quite as you lot on the hill.its not as we use powick a lot.good job we have different sites to fly from,wonder if they moan about the raf when they blast past callow,one of the pg xc flyers had motorcycle heated gloves that he uses on long xc flights,he dont get cold hands no more at height £100 but worth it by the look of it,may get some after my fingers were numb the other day.

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