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Free Flying Revo 2?

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Wont stay up as well in light winds but if the wind picks up and all the others are landing just let the trims out and stay up with the hangies,

Only problem with this advice is that Paramania specifically warn against using brakes when trimmers are out, and you can't use speed bar with trimmers in. This negates any possible advantage you would have against a "standard" paraglider since you need to be actively free flying with hands on brakes.

Saying that, the Revo 2 makes a perfectly acceptable glider for occasional ridge soaring and even thermalling. Flown correctly it is perfectly safe with it's "B" rating and will give as much fun even if it lacks the performance of the higher end, purpose built EN-B paragliders.

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As aquatix has said.... You are better of getting a specific paragliding wing and to be honest if you do not a have a BHPA hill rating you will not be allowed to fly on a BHPA Club site.

I have been flying the speedster the past couple of days and it stayed up in light conditions with some paragliding wing's and i flew it today in 20+ mph winds and was rock solid.....

I have free flown my fusion up to 20-25 mph and still having fun with the topless hangies But if you do not have the Exp to launch in this kind of wind you WILL get hurt!!!!! 20mph i was just under Neutral on my 26 so still able to use the bakes with ease but they were very hard to pull.

You will be able to thermal with your revo with motor and also ridge soar just take it slow.

All the best


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