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Restricted Airspace Infringements


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Guys .

Whilst on my travels over the Xmas break I got talking to a freindly chap who worked at the site enclosed and protected by the restricted airspace he was intersted in the wing i was ground handling at the time and liked the idea of our sport .

It Came out whilst talking to him that there has been a number of infringements by paramotors or A paramotor, he seems to think its only one but couldnt be sure .

Please if you know who it is or have heard anything in general chit chat then please give them a freindly Nudge as airspace infringements are just more ammunition for people out there that might want to place regulation upon us .

Just for Info the airspace in question Is R101 Aldermaston. North west of basingstoke .

thanks jim

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Was he able to give any identification of the wing etc?

I know of several pilots that fly out of the basingstoke area - a busy piece of airspace for paramotors if you ask me - and we might be able to narrow it down if he knows what colour etc.

Then we can just ensure that person knows what they need to.

All the best


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