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Flyin break


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There is a guy in Longframlington, nr Alnwick in the

n.east. He has log cabins u can stay in and fly off his

field over to coast and fly fantastic beaches and castles

around Seahouses. (also owns local pub)

Us Lancashire flyers normally go each year, top venue.

If ur interested can get contact no.

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That's the place Outkast.

Bit of a hike but worth it, field to fly from few hunded

yards from log cabins, great beaches, Boulmer, Alnwick

and other castles, Holy Island and good freindly pub.

Culture shock for southeners but you'll soon get the

hang of it. Lemmings been a few times if you need more

info. Contact Terry - 01665 570502.

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What are the room arrangements Morgy?i dont wanna be put with anyone that snores! what are the dates and how much is it gonna cost?, and what time and where we flying from?

Let us know asap Morgy!

Im getting excited now :lol:

P.s im allergic to goose down pillows, and if there is a option on the breakfast i will go full english but toast no fried slice.

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Anyone fancy the Ultra Light Single Seat rally USSR based at Sywell aerodrome 2012?

Dates to be confirmed. Here is last years info


Basically you have 50 hours to fly as far away from the aerodrome and return within the 50 hours. 4 parts to the comp

1 furthest away and return

2 most accumulated miles

3 longest leg

4 most number of out landings.

I've competed in this for the past 2 years however I want to treat it like a group bivouac in 2012 rather than a drive to win. Ie take off mid morning on the Saturday with a group consisting of a mix of all competence levels and experience, helping each other to fly xc on a planned route, land / camp

near pubs or wherever. Land Back at Sywell on the Monday morning 50 hours after take off.

Keep it relaxed and fun Rather than competitive.

What do you think?

I will attach my 2011 story when I get around to writing it.


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Snowden is a good one - did it last year with my brother.

I'm also up for braving the NE :shock:

Come on Morgy, when we going then :wink:

Whitters that is a cracking idea - lets hope for better weather in 2012!


Yes up for that Whitters.... Again better weather next time!!!

Luke will ring you when i return to the uk....

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I've been in touch with Paul Haxby who I went with last time. He runs regular flying holidays to the area and has flown Snowdon many times - his experience will be invaluable. He has a friend with excellent accommodation and the perfect take off site for a Snowdon mission. He has agreed to run a flying trip for us.

I'm getting excited :oops:


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