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Adventure Flexway


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It seems that no one have any experiences with the particular wing. I have tried to search for some reviews about it on the internet but no success so I've started to look into alternatives. As my budget is not allowing me to go for well-known brands I have searched further.

Does anyone have any opinions or experiences with the Buran wing form the Polish manufacturer Air Sport?

Please see the link below:

http://www.air-sport.pl/index.php?stron ... 2,ant.html

Thank you,


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Both of these wing are not very popular and to be honest i dont think you will get an answers....

It might help if you tell us your experience and the budget you have then others might come up with an alternative for you to look at... Have you thought about second hand wings if your budget is not up to buying new

All the best


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I have yet to buy my wing too but have decided buy a new well known brand in the next month or so, however out of curiosity i looked around to see what was available on the second hand market and came accross this ... bidding has already ended on this but just shows there are bargains to be had.

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/190620856710? ... 1423.l2661

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There are bargains but you have to search for them. My friend just bought an unused 2nd hand wing (i.e. in brand new condition, zero hours) for £1800. Bargain!

Myromst - this is what I found on the Flexway:

After the "Reflexion" from Dudeck, Adventure thought of their own conception of Reflex wings, and drew the conclusions of the daily use and practises of Reflex gliders.

80% of the paramotors pilots do not fit the speed bar on their glider! It may sound weird but it is factual, now a not accelerated Reflex wing is slower than a classic untrimmed wing. Here is the conception of the "Flexway", which is a "full Reflex" glider, but with a profile of performant and classic wing. It has a fast care, an important load, and a frank acceleration in trims.

"Flexway" accelerates a lot in trims 35 km/h to 55 km/h and for those who want more; still a little with the speed bar: 57 km/h.

3 sizes: 28.5, 26, 23 m2, approved in EN-C. Export price: 2580 €

The 'reflexion' from Dudek is the name Adventure gave to the Dudek ReAction when badged as an Adventure wing.

The Flexway is a 2010 design, sounds like it is probably following what Dudek did with the Nucleon, that is putting a greater speed range onto the trimmers, when compared with the ReAction.

Hope this helps,


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