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New guy checking in

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Hi guys,

Names David, location's Salisbury.

Ive done a days tow training with a local PG school (very good experience, good fun, but badly defeated by Wx this year and havent flown since April!!!

Been reading Paramotor magazine at work and thinks to meself, mmm, that might be even MORE fun!!!

My son is 17 and he wants to do it too!!

I do a lot of flying in other ways so Im used to getting my feet off the ground so I mustnt grumble, but like all good pilots I DO grumble!!

Anyway, I might go and see Simon soon I think. What wind limits do we need Simon?


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Hi Dude

I came over from Paragliding a couple of years ago and have not looked back at all!!! I used to drive for hours to get to the hill only to find the wind had changed. I have now got around 80-90 hours in the 2 years. One of witch i was renovating our house so was very busy... But i had a local field to my house i could go to and fly!

Paramotoring is much more assessable than paragliding as you just dont need to travel or the perfect conditions to go and fly. Plus if you want to thermal then you can. If you loose the thermal then turn on the motor and of you go again, no bombing out and having to spend the rest of a great day traveling back to take off... I have done more XC's with my paramotor than i have ever even thought about doing with my paraglider...

You will not regret learning to paramotor at all. But there again you might as it is so addictive :wink::wink:

Good luck

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