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15 year old girl's first flight ...

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I am shocked at the total lack of safety considerations in this video! :shock:

No helmet, proper ear defenders, gloves no suitable footwear and over water???

Even more shocked considering its his daughter flying.. what a complete muppet thank god he is in the USA far far away from us !

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How can she get into any trouble whatsoever :shock: shes using the safest ,strongest ,Worlds best Paramotor equipment....and all women/girls have built in Buoyancy aids.. :P:P ..But looks like its also causing her to take little steps because if she did try a walk/run properly the bottom of the frame would be hitting her calfs ..... :?

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I couldn't watch it all. The point where I realised she didn't know how to kill the engine was the point where it became too painful.

Taking a risk with your own life is one thing - imposing that choice on someone else (especially a child) is just evil.

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