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More and more now we are seing smoke systems in comps and now Nirvana have brought out there sky writer and selling to the main stream.... Is this a good thing!!!

I know i would like one but all i can think about is how many 999 calls are there going to be from members of the public saying they have seen a paramotor or microlight on fire falling out of the sky when i spiral in to land!!!

I know for a fact there have been a couple of emergency call's put out for seymore on his farm. One including a helicopter . He only spiraled in to his landing site (no smoke)

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With the current level of press paranoia and the apparent ban on the implimentation of common sense, I suspect smoke systems will quickly come under fire for being a source of unnecessary emergency calls.

It seems the general public already can't tell the difference between a distress flare and one of those Chinese hot air balloon things. Hollywood has taught us that all aircraft problems involve a trail of smoke.

I'm sure you can see where this is going.....

I wasn't born this cynical - it comes from many years of experience.

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