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Pap Pa125 Temperamental Starting


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Hi all,

I have a problem with my Pap in so much that it is a sod to start. It has been getting worse over the last 5 hours or so. I always start the motor on my back and it seems more often than not when I kick to start I nearly rip the thing off my back, as though it has way to much compression. But occasionally it will start just as it should, anf if i land out and try to start 20-30mins later it almost definately will not start.

So I have checked the torque of cylinder head nuts, removed and cleaned filter/screen within the carb, and also put a new spark plug in. I am thinking is it a blocked decompression hole in the cylinder? I dont even know if the Pa 125 has such a thing.

So the question has anybody had a simliar problem and advice would be appreciated. I dont have that much experience with 2 strokes or well engines in general! But I get buy, the motor has 48 hrs use and it was until roughly 5 hours of use ago an excellent starter.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Henry .

I had the same problem as you , to much compression . Mine started at about 28 hours use. First thing idid was to decoke the head and top of piston. That helped at first but it became coked up again. So next step was a new carb kit including needle valve ( thanks Neilzy) the needle valve was worn and pop off presure was out. Think it was only on about 4lbs , so adjusted this to about 12lbs and with new kit and all.

Problem was solved, so renew your carb kit with needle valve check pop presure and all should be sorted. I also had the pa 125 !!

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the replies guys,

Clive why did your carb pop off pressure change at such low hours and I am surprised you had to put a new kit in also. You say you had a pa125, so what do you have now and did the pap give you trouble hence a change?

Neilzy thankyou for your offer I am in Norfolk so not 5 minutes up the road but very doable so I will investigate decoking the cylinder and finding a kit. Offers like that are what makes the paramotor community so great.

Steve, I prime the motor exactly the same as I always have, I pump the bulb until you see fuel in the top little filter and then stop as soon as you can hear the fuel squirt or change of sound and it normally fires first or second pull. Something has changed but I do take your point , particulary as the issue is temperamental. However I never prime the motor if it's warm or just been running.

Many thanks again any ideas greatfully received!


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I had lots of little issues with the pa, one being pap wouldn't warrant the warranty cause i brought it second hand, even though it only had 4 hours on it. I wont go into detail..

I may of had a few more hours than that but the needle valve was worn ( little rubber on the end) and it was letting in to much fuel causing it to get high compression (intermittently).

Sounds like the same problem that you are having, you can get a carb kit from sky dragons, and it should come with the needle valve.. You may have a different problem but defo sounds like that to me..

Its a bastard when it kicks back at you nearly took my fingers off !!

I have now got a Bulldog moster and am now a happy bunny !!!

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