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Paratrike Fatality


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Information a bit sketchy at the moment. Some unconfirmed suggestion that he may have been in training with Mahony Aviation in France?

Translated from a French paper:

_Any body got any more information than this ? it is a translation from a french Newspaper ??_______________________________________________________________________________

A fatal accident in the sky

Published Friday, November 11, 2011 at 11:18

A British 57-year-old was killed yesterday in the late morning, in a microlight crash in the town of pendulum-Laragne Montéglin. It was about 11:15 when the inexperienced pilot crashed his microlight aircraft. Beginner, he trained on a track expected to perform a series of takeoffs and landings under the supervision of an instructor on the ground.

He made a pilot error as can suggest that the ULM suddenly nose dive? At a height of 100 m, the microlight crashed in orchards. The sky was good, and the weather looked good. A gust of wind may have surprised the driver. The local gendarmerie brigade and the air transport of Marseille have opened an investigation.

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By no means an official account but the account I heard at NEC airshow last weekend. This account was apparantly made by Paul Mahony the instructor who was teaching the person who had the fatal accident.

Male flying powered parachute trike under radio unstructions doing a list of tasks was flying away from the landing field and was not answerering instructions to turn back towards the field.

The pilot continued not to react to instruction before the Powered Parachute trike was seen to enter a turn which then developed into a steeper turn which accelerated untill contact with the ground. Unknown cause.

Weather was good.

This is not official and may not be accurate. Obviously a full investigation will reveal all.

My thoughts and heart go out to his friends family and those present on the day.


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