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Clothes for winter flight


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My French instructor said you can never be too warm when flying in cold air - he was right.

I wear a T shirt, sweatshirt, wind resistant cycling jacket, then padded flying suit.

Balaclava under my helmet, additional scarf around the face if it's very cold.

Good skiing or winter paramotor gloves, two pairs of socks (3 for extremes).

You will find you can't put too many layers on for comfort, only for easy movement :?



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//bits and peices you mite want to take, GPS, radio, fags etc//

Fags? - it's hard enough to roll one up on the bike. How much of your 'baccy ends up going through the prop? :shock:


trying to insert a roach is a bitch in thermal conditions :D

I always take my fags, as I know if I have to land out anywhere the first thing I will want is a smoke :D

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