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G6 Chinese babba !


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just thought i would warn you all about the crappy self harming G6 paramotor,

my friend and i were doing a lovley xc on saturday at around 4000ft above the clouds {sweet} after been in the sky for about an hour we decided to head back to base. i was testing a new jojo instinct wing out which might i add was fantastic !

anyway the jojo was much faster than my friends wing so i reached the LZ about five mins before him, i had just moved my gear out of the way and removed my headset when i heard him buzzing along. litrially right above the lz there was a loud pop and his motor stopped dead :shock: he neadless to say managed to land with both pilot and machine ok.

so after humping the machine back to the motorhome we began our investigation.

and there it was :cry: a hole the size of a tweenty pence piece in the top of the piston !

now you may all be thinking ahh thats been maybe running too lean, but no you would be wrong :roll:

now this has happened before :oops: and again the piston got holed {£100 a pop} and on closer inspection we suspected the settings on the carb were slightly out, but NO they were right as per book and looking at the tell tale of the spark plug it was a nice coffee colour,

so now your thinking wrong or cheap oil. NO you would be wrong again, its run on power 1 by castrol and has done from new

now the first time it happened he managed to get around 2hrs out of it before it blew and cost him the fat end of £130

this time he has managed 5hrs :D woooopie !!!


needless to say hes a little peeved off now having to fork out more of his hard earned £££'s on repairing it,

so i decided to have a dig around on google and the net to see if anyone else has had this problem.


now there's a surprise NOT ! :shock:

turns out there's loads of people all complaining of the same issue {holed pistons after little use}

and before you say what about the dealer support dont as its none existing, im not metioning dealer names but he lives in the east yorkshire area :twisted:

well i suppose the moral of the story is you get what you pay for but just wanted warn other newbie pilots that are on a tight budget to avoid these terrible machines like the plague

of course this is just my humble opinion and there maybe some lucky g6 pilots that have managed to muster up over 10hrs on there machines :D and if there are how have you managed it ? so i can pass the info on to my friend.

any positive input/advise to the issue of the phantom piston holier will be greatly received.


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What a bummer Mark there was a chap on here a year or so ago that had a similar problem after only a short time in the air this was put down to the piston wearing and an upgrade one being brought out but if this is Leigh's machine it should have had this already.

You need to sell him one of your lovely Flymecc machines at least he would have years of trouble free flying :D:D but that does not soften the blow of buying things twice.

I would like to point out that when purchasing a paramotor it is a good idea if you are asking around about machines how many hours they fly a year, as all to often the pilot might only fly a few hours a year and his motor is fantastic I have put the equivalent of 3 to 4 years on mine this year and all but a weep on a radiator it has been bullet proof, and I fly a Flymecc a very underrated machine in my opinion.

Top motor, top backup (service parts for my 50 hours and than 100 hours) and a top bloke to deal with thrown in, yours one happy Flymecc owner Alan.

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