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First flight today!!!

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Totally stoked!!

Got my first flight in today!! Nil wind, forward launch, heavy motor and a damp reflex wing, but bugger me, I managed to get it all together and had my first proper flight!

After what seems like an age since I first decided to get into this hobby (April) Got the gear in June and frustrated by a lousy (windy) summer, plus a change in training schools :|

A BIG thanks/shout goes out to Alex at Lemmings/SabreAce paramotors for all the brilliant training over the last couple of months and all the lads at Paul's in Braintree.

After 4 circuits I was radioed to set up for landing and I just didn't want to come down (or get out of the seat) Not bad landing (slightly crosswind) and me and the motor are still in one piece!

I know i've still got a lot to learn, but to get the first flight in is awesome! (copyright SuperDell)

To all those still struggling with reverse launches, cumbersome motors and crap weather... stick with it, it's totally worth it. :mrgreen:



(still grinning)

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Cheers guys, I had always imagined what it would be like from standing on the ground looking up, but the reality is 100x better 8)


The red synth was Alex testing the air for me. The blue wing was Tony (i think) known locally as the paramotoring Zen guru master.


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