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next flying day


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It could be on for Saturday, if the forecast wind strength remains, as it is (does it ever...?)


Yep light s/se wind 5mph temp 12-15deg.looking good.whos out sat/mon.tues wed.im def out mon.tues.wed. ive gone posh after 10yrs ive bought 20litre jerry can and syphon tube.the cars in my street had better wacth out lol...will try to get out 2morro.working 2nite,,,,,,

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Had 1h 51m of flapping without the engine on Gyrn Moelfre. Light at times, but not a bad day, especially after being given a lift to the top. Will be out with the motor Mon-Wed. Richard. ps - lots of sheep!!

Bet your sheep are not as nice as these sheep. Monday i shall go c/morten if paul is out with hg.will give the hook a flight then fly the ppg.if paul is not out i shall go powick.will be at powick tues with ppg, http://youtu.be/HNMq8XS4LhE

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