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Power on landings


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But with a caveat that care needs to be taken!

Need to be very confident of your wing and almost touching the ground. Using power and a combination of brakes will greatly increase the AoA which reduces airspeed whilst maintaining lift. The critical part is that this process moves the wing closer to the stall the point hence you need to be inches above the ground. This method needs practice and critique from someone observing who knows what they are doing.

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You can have as much airspeed as your wing will allow with powered approaches just as with a free glide. With power your glide slope will be more shallow, you can also chose when and where you want to touch down unlike in free glide.

High Power with deep brakes can allow you to land in tighter/smaller areas. Deep brakes for higher AoA slow airspeed. Power to overcome the extra drag this causes.

We have the same characteristics of other powered aircraft, so we need to know how and when to use these different landing techniques. But typically low hour pilots should stick to engine off landings unit they have the confidence and skill to land on their feet.

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I was just wondering why you wanted to do it as you now have a mini plane. Doing a power landing will mean your prop will still be spinning at a rate of knots and if the wing comes down on it... Or you fall!!!

Lets face it why would you be landing in a such a tight area in the first place. Unless you had an engine out... But then you not doing a power landing.

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