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Parajet - Service that you expect?

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Well as Lord Haze's sale thread has turned into a chitty chat all of its own I thought it would be better to start this as it may clarify a few things.

These are all facts that have actually happened.

My first experience of Parajets was not a great one to be perfectly honest!

My first new motor was delivered exactly on the end of the 12 week wait.

A few issues with carbs (someone left the bath running in Japan), and other 'parts suppliers' meant they must have been struggling to get the paid orders out the door.

Those things I have no control over - accepted.

When I got the call from Steve Haze that the motor was sitting in his garage, it was time to high tail it up to Reigate for the handover.

It transpired that the motor was delivered with a few 'issues' that Steve was not happy about and had to personally drive the unit back down to Parajet in the morning. Top dealer service, I say!

Steve explained what was happening all along and has been great, in fact-brilliant.

Quite a few terse emails were sent to Jim at Parajet and he did send out parts to replace things I was not happy about.

So now all I had to do was fly the unit.

Steve Haze always flys a new unit he sells just to check it for the new owner.

After his 15-20 minute flight at Seymours, I noticed a slight drip of oil on the lower crankcase. I did not think it was much to worry about, so cleaned it off.

We then located to Barry's farm for training flights in the afternoon.

There were a few people there and Steve was running the motor awarness part of his courses. A few different units were used to show various options.

I was running the motor up on my back to check for full power. This was over a period of about 5 minutes.

When the unit was back on the ground, I had a quick check over. The oil drip was back again!!

I was not happy, Steve was mortified.....

My phone call to Jim at Parajet was going to be messy - or so I thought.

Within the first 2 minutes of hearing the problem - Jim arranged for a whole new Parajet and cage to be sent within 5 days.

Hence why I had 2 units sitting in the garage!

The new unit has the upgraded harness - which is sooooo much nicer than the old one and a diffrent oil seal design behind the magneto which had failed on the old unit.

Steve Moore, who was dealing with the changeover has been brilliant. Even emailing to ask if I had flown the unit yet?

It has only been ground tested at the industrial units we run due to noise and moany neighbours. 15 minutes of power runs and various speeds.

And no problems.

So, after hearing all the tales of Parajets 'customer service', I must admit to being very dissapointed with the first unit. Certain events were out of their control to be fair.

This recent episode has brought me back to believing that Parajet have managed to get their house in order re: service/warranty.

As I have stated all along, my decision to buy the unit was based on aesthetics (sad but true), and the ability to pick up the phone and talk to someone in England about spares etc.

Would I buy another one - Definately YES.

Just don't let the service slip again Parajet..... :wingover:

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Yes you cant fault parajet service,i sent my unit back after electrics went. parajet fixed that,i got unit back from ups,the airbox was cracked due to ups transhipping,parajet sent new box out next day.unit running fine now,would i buy another yes.i like the volution frame and esp the service that parajet have gave me.

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From my experience, Parajet service is second to none.

I have a secondhand motor, so didn't even buy new from them but even still, they have offered advice when asked and helped every way they could when ever I've had a problem / query.

I would definitely buy a new motor from them assuming a) I can afford one and b) i dont happen to lose enough weight to make the Bailey V5 an option!


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Hi guys

Just wondering I bought a brand new volution 2 compact which arrived in may but I have not yet used it as my training has been long winded, do I need to worry about these engine problems as now I'm worried my warranty is evaporating and I'm still to get in the air.



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Hi Timmy,

I would imagine that if the machine hasn't been used much, and you had a problem that Parajet would do something to help.

Have you followed the instructions in the manual for storing a machine that hasn't been used for a long time? I'd advise looking into it if you haven't as it will help the machine stay healthy when you do come to start it. Also, if you have had the machine just sitting there for a long time and want them to just service it for you, that's something they can do.

If you are concerned at all, then give Parajet a ring and explain your concerns. They are very friendly on the phone.

All the best

Steve Haze

PMC Qualified Flying Instructor

Dudek Dealer - Bulldog Dealer - Parajet Dealer


Tel: 07968 345554

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Hi steve yea the guts at parajet were great when the machined was delivered the USB stick didn't work and they straight away sent me the details via email.

The machine is still exactly as it came from the factory I haven't even fired it up I've got it stored in a sealed carry case.

I hope they will help me if I have problems fingers crossed I will get a flight sometime this year.



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