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Very Good vidéos (i think...)

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Hello i give you a link on 2 videos for the first time, i'm french i have flown in many countries during my hollydays, but these vidéos have been recorded in France

The first one other the clouds and the second during a SIV at Annecy with Nucléon wing (it's the better way to know your wing and how to fly with collapses).

As you can see on the second video, the Nucléon flies very well with 50% collapse.


[/youtubevideo] :dive:


[/youtubevideo] :acro: Edited by Guest
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The recovery was deliberately slow as the A's were being held down to practice steering the wing whislt deflated. As soon as he released the A's it reinflated and carried on as normal.

You'll notice that all the induced collapses were done on slow trim, it's pretty much impossible to pull a frontal on full reflex as your weight is already on the A's.

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