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EGT, CHT Tach monitors


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Does anyone use a EGT, CHT, Tach monitor?

I think it would really make sense for me to monitor these on a revvy 2 stroke, and have been looking at this model. However, I know nothing about it and would not have a clue about how to fit it.

Any thoughts?

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Hi Poz,

Im currently in the process of fitting the Flymaster M1 engine management system to my PJ Macro, (only because i was able to get it cheap mind)!

I agree that monitoring stuff like RPM and especially CHT is probably a very good idea - especially as a badly set up carb, running lean can destroy the engine! As long as everything you add doesnt weigh too much, I think the diognostic benifit is well worth it!

As for fitting, the whole thing came with a very comprehensive guide - but to be honest its unlikely you'll need it. The only thing complicated with the M1 is the seting up of the fuel sensor, but everything else was very straight forward. The CHT is basically an extra washer that you'll need to fit under one of the cylinder head nuts, and the RPM is measured by a wire that is wrapped around the HT lead.

Obviously, how that is all sent to the instrument you are looking at could be different to mine, but its unlikely to be anything too challenging.

Let me know how you get on.



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Thanks Dan. That's the response I was hoping for. However, there is another nagging issue:

Can anyone else relate to this completely irrational thought.....

I need to spend my Christmas/Birthday money on an EGT/CHT monitor, to help save my engine from possibly being destroyed by a bad carb setting, costing thousands, and could also maybe even help save my life .......

.....but I reeeeaaaallly want a Hero2 :?

Damn you GoPro marketing, and your best buddy YouTube :evil:

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There are other ways of making sure your engine is running correctly without having expensive gear attached to it i guess. This forum is full of people that have perfectly serviceable engines and have no instrumentation at all.

Its your choice, but im guessing you will have more flights you would have wanted to video (especially in sunny Spain), than down days due to broken motors!

Id get the Go Pro! :D


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