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tuning carbs

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i mounted my brand new 180cc redhead engine and have been tuning my carb, i didnt want this engine to meet the same fate as my last, i have fitted a temperture gauge and have tuned by the book, although there is no way to hold full throttle and adjust high speed needle without possibly losing an arm, i just made settings a shade rich on both screws to be on the safe side,

so the settings are 3/4 low and 1 high, CHT at idle 150cc, does this sound about right?

i was surprised i used 3 litres of fuel in what seemed like a short time has anyone else tuned a walbro

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was that you i saw at newhaven with the camper van..... Seymor stopped to say hi but i had to shoot off to get home.....

We had a great days flying....

Sorry no nothing about walbro carbs.... But i think tuning the high end needle is a stop start operation. :wink:

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